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Therapy for Anxiety:

When The Mind Feels In Danger

Anxiety has a mind of its own. The feeling creeps up on us, suddenly giving us the impression that we are unsafe or in some kind of danger. Feeling anxious is so difficult to bear, that we look for an immediate way to relieve it. The sensations of anxiety can range from momentary disturbance to a more generalized daily disturbance. Whatever form, from mild to panic, the feeling of being out of control and not understanding what is happening to us can be very frightening. In fact, many people wind up in the emergency room of their local hospital thinking they are having a heart attack, when they are having an anxiety attack.

Anxiety is contained by our bodies. The sensations can cause such an intense physical response, such as heart palpitations or sweaty palms, that we become confused. These symptoms might be thought to mimic a heart attack. The sudden adrenalin, similar to “fight or flight”, can also occur when the mind feels in danger, as a response to feeling psychologically threatened. This can be in or out of our awareness.

When it comes to mental health, anxiety rarely exists by itself without explanation, even when the cause may be out of our awareness. Since anxiety is a physiological reaction to a stressor, it is important to identify the source of one’s conflict. If you do not know, and your anxiety cannot be explained by ruling out other causes, then it is time to discuss the problem with a trained professional. Even when we are aware of what is causing this feeling, it does not necessarily mean that you will be able to reduce or minimize it on your own. At times, medication may be helpful, but always in conjunction with seeking psychotherapy. If our psychological “thermostat” is broken, then consulting with a professional helps to regulate mood to sustain stability.

I am trained to help you identify underlying factors that may be contributing to your anxiety, particularly those that are out of your awareness.