About myself

I am a psychotherapist who is licensed as a Clinical Social Worker in addition to holding a doctorate. I have a Masters Degree from Loyola University of Chicago and my Doctorate from Newport Psychoanalytic Institute. For over 20 years I have provided individual and marital therapy in the Orange County area. Get help balancing all the aspects of your life: health, home and career! Learn how to make smart everyday choices that will lead your to independence, self-fulfillment and a sense of dignity.

My Approach

Therapy is a leap of faith. The higher the level of a therapist’s training and personal work, the better your chances are of getting the help you need. When a therapist (like me) has had psychoanalytic training, then the help that you will receive will focus on deeper issues. This means that if you have been feeling depressed for a long time (for example), I am more likely to wonder whether you missed out on something important that needs attention now.

The experience of talking with a professional is very private and personal. It helps you to understand feelings and behaviors that just don’t seem to make sense. This helps open emotional doors that can lead to personal growth. It is a far different experience from talking with friends or family, who frequently do not know what to say when someone is hurting.

I'm here to help

Anticipating getting help might make you feel anxious. Sharing your feelings aloud can be uncomfortable. Trust that a good psychotherapist will put you at ease, rather than judge you. It is important for you to come into the office and meet me so that together we can decide whether we are a good fit. At that time you will know if you are comfortable proceeding.

Therapy is a gift you give yourself. It is a decision about wanting something different in your life. I believe in psychotherapy because I have seen it work to change people’s feelings about themselves and their lives. The journey is an investment you make in yourself and how you want to live your life. We live in a society that values “drive-through” remedies. If someone offers you a quick solution to a problem you have experienced over and over again in your life, it should raise a red flag for you. What you are experiencing is an indication that something from your past is interfering in your present life. Understanding this can bring you much relief. Therapy is about changing lifelong patterns that just aren’t working, and replacing them with ones that do.

Therapy is a collaborative process that is very different from reading a self help book or taking medication for a particular feeling, like depression. What is necessary is having a connection within a therapeutic relationship. Although the use of medication can be very helpful and sometimes needed, it does not replace the face to face emotional connection that another human being can offer when you are suffering. In fact, research has shown that the quality of the therapeutic relationship is what helps people to feel better. This experience, whether you are on medication or not, can deepen and enrich your life. Now, what could be more powerful than that?

Contact Me...

My office hours are by appointment only. Please contact my office if you would like to set up an appointment. Telephone: 714-376-6235